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So You’ve Had a Car Accident and You Want to Call The Insurance Company?

After a car accident, the first instinct of most people is to call their vehicle insurer straight away. Right? But Wait. What if your insurance company rejects your claim? What if they send your car to the cheapest car repairer to save money? Will your vehicle be safe and retain its value?
Years of experience with insurance claims has taught us to be wary of Car Insurers.
3 Great Reasons NOT to call your Insurer first!

What Your Car Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Vehicle Insurers go to great lengths to convince their customers that they care. Unfortunately, when it comes time to make a claim, that may not be the case. More about Vehicle Insurance

Let Accident Solutions take care of your accident claim for you.

Accident Solutions deals with your insurer on your behalf, and makes sure your car is repaired to the manufacturer’s original standard - not the insurer’s bottom line.

Making an Accident Insurance Claim?

And How To Make Sure Your Claim is Fair.
5 Things You Need to Know Before Making a Vehicle Insurance Claim

Fleet Managers Must Read This...
If you don’t repair your Fleet Vehicles properly, you may be in breach of OH&S Regulations.
If you don’t want to be personally negligent or in breach of OH&S Laws and Your Responsibilities

Are you a skilled smash repairer who…

is unhappy with being locked into a relationship with an insurance company?
Become an Accident Solutions Member! Why Not Join The Smash Repairs Team?

Accident Solutions turns up the Heat on Insurance Companies

Meet Jerry Altun, the man who’s taking on the Insurance Companies... and winning!
Click here for more information About The Founder of Accident Solutions

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